Heal. Grow. Flourish.



Empowering the community in their health journey, through education on healthy living, growing food and medicine and creating herbal remedies while focused on sustainability and disease prevention.



Building the foundation of health for a stronger community through the use of herbal medicine, sustainable food cultivation and empowering education.

01.Holistic healthcare services

Dr. Alicia Spalding, Naturopathic Physician works at Nature Nurture Farmacy providing nature cure health care as well as teaches educational classes both at NNF and in the community.  

02.community outreach

We are connecting with the community in a variety of ways including working with local organizations teaching plant identification, seed bomb making, health education classes, and helping facilitate a community garden.


NNF Team


Photo: HBW

Dr. Alicia Spalding, Founder & CEO

Dr. Alicia Spalding is a Naturopathic Physician and founder of Nature Nurture Farmacy, a nonprofit with a mission to engage community through health education, herbal medicine and mindfulness practices.

Dr. Alicia Spalding founded NNF in July 2018 with the intention of offering Naturopathic medicine, specifically hydrotherapy and herbal medicine to the community. Dr. Alicia believes health and wellness are a right for everyone, not a privilege for some. We must take active roles as individuals in our health and incorporate healthy behaviors into all aspects of life to find peace, happiness and balance. We are all on our own individual health journeys and what we need at any given moment can change. Not only are we on a journey as individuals but we are also all connected as a community and NNF aims to connect the community with nature and with each other.

purple garden peas - photo: HBW

purple garden peas - photo: HBW

NNF Officers

Vice President - Chad Barnett

Secretary - Jacob Hoium

Treasurer - Carmen Brannon

Purple Garden Sage        Photo: HBW

Purple Garden Sage Photo: HBW

NNF Sage Advisory Board

Kate Chapman

Carol Fleskes

Dr. Danielle Phillips-Dorsett

Dr. Nicolle Rychlick


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